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ORI BINS (July 2009)

The O.R.I. already engaged in the construction of trailer trucks for industrial use, has just made in its plants a new agricultural trailer named ORI BINS referring to its ancient tradition of manufacturers of agricultural trailers.

The model ORI BINS is very easy to handle to be used in the country between the rows to pick the fruit; in fact it can carry up to 4 bins, unloading them through an inclination system with a hydraulic cylinder coupled to a roller unit.

The pecuriality of ORI BINS is that, unlike other similar single axle trailer, it is equipped with 4 pneumatic wheels placed inside the frame of the trailer; this means that the wheels do not constitute obstruction during the picking of fruit, in addition to ensure greater safety for people who pick.

The axle is easily removable from the frame of the trailer, in order to allow a simple maintenance as well as the replacement of the tires when worn.

The roller unit and the rollers are screwed to the frame to allow the replacement in case of damage. The ORI BINS can be equipped with brackets that allow you to locate in front 2 small fruit boxes 50x30 cm in order to use them as containers for the waste.

Finally, we remember that such as all ORI production the ORI BINS can be fully personalized and it can be required for example with different lengths of drawbar, heights and dimensions of the towing eye according to the tractor.

The ORI BINS is a helpful aid for the farmer and with its solutions and size, can speed up the picking of fruit working in particular in maximum safety.

Main technical particulars

Frame dimensions (except drawbar) 4400 x 1030 mm approx
Height up to roller unit 430 mm approx
Height of towing eye On request
Drawbar lenght On request
Frame Frame in structural steel
Max capacity load 1500 kg
Number of wheels 4
Tyres 5.00x8" PR8
Dimensions and max number of bins N° bins dimensions 1200x1100x590 mm
Cylinder Hydraulic cylinder double action, variable stroke
Roller unit Two rows of rollers Ø60 width 70 mm
Painting Color on request, on a coat of rust preventer
Mass 500 kg approx
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