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O.R.I. presents the new model ORI P+R (October 2008)

ORI always committed to the creation of special machines, recently has built a new equipment type ORI P+R, designed to facilitate the loading and unloading in the assembly line for bulk load in bins.

ORI P+R, at the same time is a lift table and a tipper; its working operation may be automatic or manual, step by step.

The equipment is made up of a loading lift table where you position a bin containing for example semifinished. Once inserted, the bin is locked to the loading surface by two closing arms, ensuring a continuous and safe connection during the whole working operation.

Thanking to the security closing signal, and additional positioning security sensors the load is lift to the turnover height.

The turnover operation of transported material, is divided in two phases, each one includes a rotation of 90°, so that unloading operation is complete, and avoiding that the material might remain inside the bin.

Return equipment operations are repeated in inverse relation to the loading cycle, until the opening of blocks and extraction of empty bin.

As described, the type ORI P+R can be used in working cycles with automatic operation and it can interface in a wide assembly line or it can work in manual with commands for each operation of the equipment.

On the basis of its high versatility, ORI P+R can be used in different industrial realities and can be extremely helpful in the production process, making it even faster and safer.

ORI P+R is already proving successful, synonymous of constructive and high technical reliability.

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