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The company O.R.I. - ALTINI LUIGI was born as one-man company in 1956, by virtue of the Altini family's long tradition in manufacturing hand-painted agricultural trucks dating back to 1770. From its very start in 1956, our Company became specialised in custom manufacturing. All our products are built according to our Customers' specifications and adapted to the specific needs of each individual Client.
Our partnering philosophy, aimed at meeting each and every specific need and at creating carefully tailored equipment, still represents one of the continuing strengths that link our past history to our present day product lines and commitment to high quality.

We are specialised in the production of industrial trucks and trailers of all types, capacity and sizes, designed to handle materials inside firms, ports, airports, steel plants, etc. it also builds railway trucks, and self-propelled vehicles, equipped with diesel motor, electrical a.c. or d.c., with hydraulic or mechanical transmission.
Particularly noteworthy is our production of scissor lift platforms and tables, with hydraulic or pneumatic lifting, of any dimension, lifting stroke and capacity, as well as the airport and port equipment.

We also manufacture platforms for theatres, platforms and ramps for loading and unloading goods, work platforms for maintenance operations, buckets, transloelevators / shelf access equipment for painting boxes, indoor and outdoor vertical hydraulic platform lifts designed to overcome architectural obstacles inside houses, shops, restaurants etc., car lifting platforms. We also produce liftable buckets and containers for the removal of debris, specially studied for the construction market.

Our internal technical office, which makes our company dynamic and attractive, actively studies and offers customer-tailored solutions for the several material handling systems, both in vertical and horizontal version, as well as all the logistics.

Our products are distributed throughout both the Italian and the international markets.

The key concepts of our company's philosophy are SPECIALIZATION, QUALITY, FLEXIBILITY and CUSTOMER-MINDEDNESS. The main features of our products are: Strength, Low maintenance costs, Long lasting use.
The complex production technology and the highly specialised character of our manufacture are of utmost importance to us in order to think customer-minded. The progressive technology and technical talent set in our Company enables us to meet the needs and wishes of our Customers. All our products are custom manufactured, according to our Clients' specifications.
Our in-depth knowledge of this sector, which allows us to meet even the most demanding requirements, surely guarantees both the full compliance with our present and future customers' needs and expectations and their complete satisfaction.

We are confident that once you experience our products' quality and performance, you will continue to place O.R.I. at the top of your preferred vendor list.
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