O.R.I di Altini Luigi | Carrelli per il trasporto industriale

Self-propelled or Towed

O.R.I. of Altini Luigi | Customized Solutions for Transport

Scissors Lift Tables

Column Elevators

O.R.I. of Altini Luigi | Customized Solutions for Industrial Handling

Loading Ramps | Tilting Stations

Rotating Platforms

Custumized solutions for the industry

We design and manufacture machines exclusively on order and in small series, for Italian and international markets. Each project is customized for reaching the most functional technical solution, using high quality materials in order to guarantee an high performance and durable product.

Highly specialized design

With its internal technical office, O.R.I. studies and offers customer-tailored solutions for several material handling systems, both in vertical and horizontal version, as well as all the logistics.

Each project is appropriate to the context, starting from the necessity of the customer, the technical project and often an on-site inspection, til the final realization.

O.R.I. of Altini Luigi | Custom Trailers Manufacturer

Long lasting solutions

We test internally every products manufactured in our factory.


From year 1956 we consider the robustness, reliability and quality of our production as essential values.

O.R.I. of Altini Luigi | Custom Trailers Manufacturer


We manage directly the after sales service with our specialized staff.



Thanks to the high specialization of our staff, we are able to meet the most complex technical needs.


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Our Work

From 1956 our products are distributed throughout both the Italian and the international markets
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Custom manufacturing let us creating projects studied on the specific requests of our Customers

Long product life

Some of our strengths : high quality and sturdiness of the products (which translate into their very long duration) and the ease and low cost of maintenance.

Technical support

We install our products directly and we perform technical assistance throughout in Italy and abroad with our staff.

Needs of transport, lifting and/or  handling?

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