The Altini’s start to build wooden agricultural carts and become a family of “CARRADORI” (agriculturals carts builders). The production of Altini’s family takes place in Granarolo Faentino (Ravenna) in the large house in Naviglio Street and all the descendants participate in the work. We build “Plaustri” on four wheels (typical regional trucks), which have been for a long time the most important agricultural tools in our countryside. Even today are famous those hand painted by Maddalena Venturi a couple of centuries ago, which decorated them with the traditional saints, St. George, Saint Anthony and with the image of Lady of the Graces of Faenza.


Luigi Altini decides to leave the wooden carts production of his grandfather Ercole and cousins, destined exclusively for agriculture, and builds a small warehouse in the center of Granarolo Faentino.


NOVEMBER 7, 1956

In this date officially was born the individual company O.R.I. di ALTINI LUIGI (Warehouse of Industrial Trailers).
For the first years Luigi Altini still manufactures some products destined for the agricultural market, but starts to expand the production using iron and also addressing the industrial market, building on orders trailers of any sizes and capacities.


Luigi Altini visits in Stockholm, Sweden, the “British Exhibition Fair” and sees some electrohydraulic scissor platforms that was very interesting, so he decides to start to build them.
The production of agricultural trailers is completely abandoned.

1956 – 1992

With the extension of the product range, the company grows increasingly assuming new staff and enlarging the production spaces. In these years continue visits and exhibitions to national and international fairs and this allows to update the techniques of design and construction in order to be able to always satisfy the needs of customers.

The production remains exclusively on order, to allow a total adhesion to special requests, which is a continuous challenge.


With the entry into the company of two daughters of Luigi Altini, Annacarla and Annamaria, the individual company is transformed into a company and is born “O.R.I. di ALTINI LUIGI E C. SAS”.


The 28 of September, in occasion of Eucharistic Congress of Bologna, Pope Giovanni Paulo II celebrated a Mass at the agro-food centre: the platform that raises Pope Wojtyla is provided by the O.R.I.


The company reaches 50 years of activity.

2009 – 2014

The economic crisis, worldwide and Italian, puts O.R.I to hard test but its solidity allows it to overcome the serious moment, with many sacrifices.


JUNE 8, 2011

O.R.I is registered as HISTORICAL ITALIAN COMPANIES and is rewarded in Rome as one of the 150 ITALIAN CENTENARIAN ENTERPRISES.


On the occasion of the 60 years of activity, O.R.I. gives defibrillator to the Sport Society “A.C Vita 1907” of Granarolo Faentino.


NOVEMBER 26, 2016

The Altini family, with the presence of the mayor of Faenza Mr Giovanni Malpezzi, surrounded by friends and all the collaborators, celebrates the 60 years of activity.


AUGUST 18, 2019


After driving over 3,500.00 km by car and loving his Family, his Company and his Employees, the founder of O.R.I. Company Luigi Altini decided to leave us on his birthday.

His memory will be indelible.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2019


O.R.I. Company changes its corporate name in O.R.I. DI ALTINI ANNAMARIA E C. sas.